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Teaching Evaluation

Lunedì, 6 Maggio 2019
Teaching Evaluation - II° semester a.a 2018 - 2019


All the students ATTENDING or WHO HAVE ATTENDED LESSONS IN THE SECOND SEMESTER will be invited to fill out the questionnaires in the week 06-12 MAY 2019. 

It is possible to complete evaluation from any computer up to 31 July 2019. To encourage Evaluation week (dedicated to 2st semester courses), from Monday 06 to Sunday 12 May, a dedicated phone line (0577/235511) will be available to students, open from 10am to 1pm. During this period, some computer stations will also be set up on the Premises involved and in the URP (public relations office), dedicated to filling out the questionnaire and support services will be provided by tutor students.





In the periods in which evaluation windows are open (for 2st semester courses up to 31 July), filling out the questionnaires by students is a necessary condition for enrolling in the set exam sessions.

Failure to compile such questionnaires will disqualify the student from enrolling in the  exam session.