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Job opportunities at Prysmian Group

Mercoledì, 20 Settembre 2017

Prysmian Group is searching for graduates keen to pursue a business management or technical career.
To apply for the program, you'll need a Degree in one of the following fields:
    Engineering, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics or be currently working towards one;
    Business Administration, Economics or Finance or be currently working towards one.

They also expect you to:
    have had an outstanding university career, with experience abroad;
    have graduated not more than 18 months ago;
    be able to speak fluent English (a second language is preferential title)
    be willing and ready to live overseas for 2 years, experiencing new cultures and work environments;
    demonstrate strong communication skills and interpersonal skills.

For more information and application: https://www.prysmiangroup.com/en/careers/what-we-offer/graduate-program