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Curricula taught in Italian and in English (Italian and European Union students)

For each academic year, the School of Economics and Management (SEM) of the University of Siena holds entrance tests for the three-year degree courses for both Italian and English curricula. Italian and European Union students who wish to enrol in a three-year degree course in Economia e commercio or Scienze economiche e bancarie at the University of Siena must in all cases take an entrance test, although not necessarily in Siena. The SEM in Siena holds TOLC-E (on-line CISIA Economia tests) tests, with the support of the CISIA national consortium.

Enrolment in degree courses in Economia e commercio and Scienze economiche e bancarie is possible even in cases of negative entrance test results. The entrance test is given to help the student orient his/her studies and evaluate his/her preparation and any gaps therein.

Based on test results, if there are any serious gaps, the student will be assigned additional educational requirements.


TO REGISTER THT TEST : http://www.cisiaonline.it/area-tematica-tolc-economia/home-tolc-economia/


Curricula taught in English (Italian and European Union students)

For admission to the curriculum taught in English, in addition to the entrance test above described, minimum B2-level previous knowledge of English is required, and must be attested by an international certification recognized as valid by the University, or an equivalent certification issued by the University’s Language Centre (Centro Linguistico di Ateneo), or by another University upon passing a B2-level exam.

The student may not sit any credit-bearing exam, even in the first year of the course, before presenting the above-described certification.

Curricula taught in English (Extra UE students)

For the extra-UE students the first level courses in Economics and Banking and in Economic and Management are restricted-access programmes: this means that extra-UE students, in whatever system they have been educated, must satisfy specific admission requirements (I) and pass an entrance exam (II) in order to enroll. 

Only those students meeting the admission criteria and passing the exam described in the following documents will be admitted to the course, in a number within the quota set by the Ministry.