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TOLC-E entrance test methods

The on-line TOLC-E entrance test consists of:

- the Economics section of the test, divided into three sections:

- Logic;

- Verbal comprehension;

- Mathematics

- an English language test.


Students registering for the test must take all of the sections. Students who have already obtained an internationally-recognized English language certification (PET, BEC, etc.) may be exonerated from the English section upon presentation of the certification at the time of registration.


The TOLC-E entrance consists of 36+30 questions in four sections. The sections have predetermined numbers of questions, and each section has a set time limit, specifically:

1. Logic: 13 questions in 30 minutes.

2. Verbal Comprehension: 2 readings and 10 questions (5 per reading) in 30 minutes.

3. Mathematics: 13 questions in 30 minutes.

4. English: 30 questions in 15 minutes.

Each question is multiple choice with 5 possible responses, of which only one is correct. In the Logic, Verbal Comprehension and Mathematics sections, one point is given for each correct answer, no points for unanswered questions, and one-quarter point is subtracted for each incorrect answer.

In the English section, one point is given for each correct answer, and no points for unanswered questions or incorrect responses.

The English language test questions are divided into three levels:

- level 1 beginner - questions 1 - 10;

- level 2 elementary - questions 11 - 20;

- level 3 intermediate - questions 21 - 30.


The syllabus describing the subjects and themes of the TOLC-E is available on the CISIA portal on the page www.cisiaonline.it.