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Students Office - San Francesco

Ufirst: appointment booking app

Services at the University of Siena have been enriched with a new method for booking appointments online with all offices and facilities providing services for students.

The new booking service may be accessed from the Ufirst app which, once downloaded on your mobile phone, will allow you to select the office you wish to go to and book your appointment. The system will present you with a list of available times: simply select the preferred time slot.

Once the booking has been made, the system will send you two appointment reminders: the first will arrive the day before the appointment, the second 30 minutes before the appointment.


CONTACTS:  STUDENT OFFICE PHONE :  0577-235524  (Monday-Friday 12 p.m. - 1 p.m.)

(prefix for calls outside the university:  0577 23….)


to request general  information write to: didattica.sem@unisi.it

to request information and send forms to the Teaching Committees write to: comitati.sem@unisi.it

Admission evaluation requests for Master’s Degree Courses write to :  magistrali@unisi.it



Martina Bogi (int. 5688) martina.bogi@unisi.it  (OFFICE MANAGER)

 Elisabetta Bottiglioni (int. 5621) elisabetta.bottiglioni@unisi.it

 Francesca Fabbri (int. 5611) francesca.fabbri@unisi.it

 Stefano Fabbri (int. 5614) stefano.fabbri@unisi.it

 Carla Galardi (int. 5612) carla.galardi@unisi.it

 Sandra Iannoni (int. 5617) sandra.iannoni@unisi.it

 Enrica Ida Martelli (int 5315) enrica.martelli@unisi.it

 Michele Pieri (int. 5623) michele.pieri@unisi.it

 Leonardo Antonio Taurisano (int. 5624) leonardo.taurisano@unisi.it