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Programme designe and planning office - San Francesco

The office is responsible for defining the programmes of study of first and second cycle degree programmes at the Department of Economics and Statistics and the Department of Business and Law.

It helps define the organization of programmes and degree programme regulations.


CONTACTS : didattica.sem@unisi.it 



Dott.ssa Martina Bogi (int. 5688) martina.bogi@unisi.it (OFFICE MANAGER)

Antonella Casamonti 0577-235616 (int. 5616) antonella.casamonti@unisi.it

Elisabetta Oliviero 0577-235622 (int. 5622) elisabetta.oliviero@unisi.it

Monica Panterani 0577-235619  (int. 5619) monica.panterani@unisi.it

Susanna Vannisanti 0577-235620 (int. 5620) susanna.vannisanti@unisi.it