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Double degree

What is a Double Degree

The development of the Double Degree Programmes is an important part of internationalization of higher education institutions and represents the next generation of exchange programme. The efforts to establish double-degrees are relevant to most objectives of the Bologna process: increase the development of quality assurance, the recognition of degrees, the qualifications and the attractiveness of participating institutions and the international employability of graduates, student and staff mobility.


The University of Siena is developing Double Degree Programs in cooperation with prestigious Universities in Europe. Students will develop diversity of thought, international management competencies and a truly global mindset. These programs aim at preparing the future experts of Europe to handle global development and integration.


The double degree programme is suited to a wide range of interests, but it is particularly relevant for those who plan on a career in organisations which transcend domestic borders. The programme considerably broadens the options and professional horizons available as graduates. It provides students with highly transferable skills which are found attractive by a wide range of employers in both the public and private sector. Moreover, the double degree programme is an outstanding opportunity for students seeking not only academic knowledge, but also intercultural experience and competence and for who want to challenge themselves academically.


The program offers graduate students the possibility to spend the first year at the University of Siena, acquiring core knowledge and skills, and to specialize in their field of interest while attending the second year at one of the foreign host institutions. Providing all course requirements have been met, and completing the programme students of the Double Degree programmes are awarded two degrees. The program requires the attendance of a whole academic year abroad and an overall involvement of two years.

Active double degree programmes
U of Ljubljana
U of Uppsala
Romanian-American University


Accounting & Management


The European Business School (Germany).

Located in Wiesbaden, it is a private university with a strong international dimension that cooperates with a network of around 200 partners from the business world in Germany and abroad. EBS is one of the leading business schools in Germany, as confirmed not only by our students, but also by the top positions we occupy in numerous rankings.



University of Ljubljana (Slovenia)

The University of Ljubljana is the oldest and largest university in Slovenia, and it is the central institution of higher education in its country.


University of Uppsala (Sweden).

Founded in 1477, University of Uppsala is the oldest university in Scandinavia. It ranks among the best universities in Northern Europe and is generally considered one of the most prestigious institutions of higher learning in Europe. One sign of this is the fact that eight Nobel laureates have been connected with the University.

Romanian-American University (Romania) - Master of Science in Finance

Located in Bucarest, it is a private university, part of the Romanian national system of education, and was founded in 1991. Due to its American soul, a considerable number of your courses will be taught by US professors visiting the campus or professors that obtained their teaching degree in the USA.

Admission to Double Degree Programmes

The Universities will agree on the number of students to be selected to join the programme every years Prerequisites for admission to a Double Degree Programme are:

  • having completed an undergraduate degree (180 ECTS);
  • to be enrolled in the first year of a Master of Science Programme in Siena which offer a double degree option