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The School of Economics and Management (SEM) of the University of Siena follows in the footsteps of the prestigious Faculty of Economic and Banking, later inherited by and consolidated within the “Richard Goodwin” Faculty of Economics. Recent changes in the administration of Italian Universities have made Departments central to educational management, strengthening their link with research activities.


The establishment of the School confirms that our ties to the original vision - aspiring to excellence at national and international levels, in everyday instructor-student relations, in attention to the quality of teaching and in the capacity to adapt to the evolution of knowledge and the demands of the job market - have never been broken


The School of Economics and Management was created in 2014 with the merging of the Departments of Economics and Statistics (DEPS) and the Department of Business and Law (DISAG), to which all of the University of Siena’s three-year undergraduate degree and masters courses in the disciplines of management, economics, finance and statistics pertain.


The School is an educational institution in accordance with Italian law and the University’s Statute. It coordinates and promotes the teaching activities of its courses of study, aiming to enhance synergies and improve the efficiency of educational services offered to students. The School has a President and a Board of Directors made up of six teachers and two students. Within its sphere, the teacher-student Joint Commission works to assess the quality of teaching.