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Economics and Business


The  Corso di Laurea in Economics and Business  belongs to Class L-18, Economics and Business Administration, according to the Italian law. It is taught in Italian and lasts three years.

By attending the Corso di Laurea in Economics and Business students will acquire the fundamental knowledge in the areas of business and accounting, economics, law and quantitative methods. The third year will be mainly devoted to the issue of the business administration. The deepening of the knowledge in English language and information technology complements and enriches the student's education.

In particular, the Corso di Laurea in Economics and Business aims at producing graduated students with:

  • a deep and critical  technical knowledge  that will enable them to deal with problems of business economics  and to arrange and analyze documents for firms planning and reporting ;
  • a  body of theoretical knowledge in order to conduct critical analysis of corporate firms, with reference both to the private and public sector;
  • several skills  for using  quantitative tools in order to collect and process economic and business data needed to understand the performance of the major economic and financial variables;
  • an ability to properly frame business phenomena in the macroeconomic environment both in domestic and international  context;
  • significant knowledge of the rule of law mainly regarding the business sector in reference both to the private and public sector, in  the Italian and the European framework .

Many Erasmus programs at qualified European universities are available: students are concretely encouraged to take abroad a part of their education.


The knowledge for the access to the course is the one acquired by concluding the Italian “scuola media superiore”, or an equivalent foreign high school. A good and robust body of general knowledge is recommended with particular attention to mathematics. The specific contents of mathematical knowledge required for the access will be indicated in the official guideline of the Corso di Laurea in Economics and Business. The knowledge of the English language at least at A2 / 2 level (CEFR) is also required.

The evaluation of the initial knowledge of the student will take into account according to the criteria and procedures set out in detail in the official guideline. It will be based on a test, developed and conducted at a national level, aiming at evaluating the occurrence of the knowledge required to accomplish the economic and business studies. The full test will consists of three sections:  verbal comprehension, basic knowledge of mathematics and simple problems of elementary logic. The assessment of English language skills will be carried out by tests conducted in partnership with the Language Centre of the University of Siena. The official BDEB guideline establishes the additional educational tasks to be undertaken whenever the tests have not been positively exceeded, either in the form of specific remedial lectures in mathematics and/or in specific English language courses organized by the departments.


The degree provides basic knowledge in order to address critically issues of business economics and to prepare and analyse documents for firms planning and reporting. The students graduated in Economics and Business will have enough knowledge and skill to face positively a diversified and competitive labour market and to be employed both in the private and public sector. She/he will be also able to find a job in the field of accounting professions and to acquire a position in companies, various organizations, trade unions and non-profit organizations. She/he also has the knowledge necessary to undertake independent entrepreneurial activity.


Management specialists in Public Administration

Control specialists in Public Administration

Specialists of the management and control of private companies

Specialists in Accounting

Specialists in the acquisition of goods and services

Specialists in the sale of goods and services

Specialists of business economics